May 8th, 2010: The Day We Chose Love; The Day We Chose Life

A beautiful blog written by my wife on our third anniversary. My reaction is speechless =’)

Averie Nicole

Today marks three years since Joel Daniel Frezza and I exchanged vows, and from that moment on our lives became monumentally different. We went from Joel or Averie to Joel and Averie. Joel’s last name was all of a sudden at the end of my first name. We had to convert from selfish love to selfless love. All in the course of a day we took on each others family and each others history. The good, the bad, and the unpleasant. But by God’s grace it was the day we chose love; the day we chose life.

The day we chose love:


I was a young girl and over the last three years I had become very embittered. I had doubted God in my heart and my heart had grown very cold and had become a compile of stones. When I was thirteen I had become involved in a church that would change my life forever. Realizing the need…

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