5 Expressions of Grace in My Life

I want to start this particular blog by saying first that the Lord God has been teaching me so much maturity in the area of grace these past three years. I have learned in many difficult ways and through many years of past baggage and bondage from past iniquities. The Lord has taught me maturity and victory through a long school of hard knocks. But I praise Him and enjoy every bit of it as He brings me into a much much greater understanding Him as my Father. I continually hope that my all of my blogs have and continue to bring growth in you as a Christian and as a reader by reading some of my stories and insights from God.
The Gospel is about the grace of God. Grace is in the character of God from the beginning and it is one of the major character qualities that Lucifer character qualities that Lucifer (Satan) lacked aside from humility, as does the world apart from Christ.

Grace was shown on the Cross of Christ as a loving Father who had created creatures made in His very own image and likeness, chased after these beings who had completely rejected Him and all of His prophets and would not and had not given Him the same grace. (Ref. Romans 5:8)

Jesus Christ, the Son of God, a man in whom the fullness of God was pleased to dwell (Ref. Colossians 1:19) took the every form of a man in the world of sin, and sinlessly lived and died in the place of sinners who would then hide their lives and deaths in His life and death. After His resurrection and ascension were demonstrated the resurrection of our lives and the promise of our ascensions, also, were made possible.
So I guess you could call it a story of grace. Grace is not deserved. Grace is not expected. Grace is not practical. Grace is not natural. Grace is supernatural, powerful, and ultimately, beautiful.

1. Grace is shown by seeing someone’s good qualities as much more important than their bad.

Especially for family members, fathers, pastors, spouses, and children, grace is seeing our loved one’s victories far more valuable than there failures.
In performance based settings, churches, and homes, we see leaders motivating their families to do only good by using constant reminders of their failures, commonly known as guilt trips. These people tend to be manipulative and self absorbed leaders.
But even in these settings, I am confident that grace overpowers guilt just as it did on the Cross of Calvary for your sin and mine.
Thus, when I am motivated by God’s grace, I sin less because I remember how bad my sin was and how much more He loved me. That does not motivate me to sin, it motivates me not to sin. It shows me the meaning of God’s love.

2. Grace is shown through power by breaking the chains of bondage.

Guilt and shame driven people and families tend to have had some parent, pastor, or authority figure in their life who has done the same to them.
So if you have a parent is a manipulator and has hurt you, you always have to show grace through forgiveness.

3. Grace is shown through the power of forgiveness.

Forgiveness has the power to break bondage that has sometimes lasted for generations upon generations.
When you forgive you are breaking bondage’s that have spread through any generations and starting a new set of generations of grace.


Jonathan Edwards, known as America’s greatest theologian, prayed once a day that God would give five generations of his family the freedom of God’s salvation, and freedom from bondage.

4. Grace is shown through a transformed life.

Grace is not powerless. It usually attracts a lot of attention, both good and bad. Grace that transforms is of course, the real deal.
Revivals are usually spread by grace as people overcome addictions, forgive those who have hurt them, and receive salvation through walls that come crashing down in the lives.
I love seeing grace transform because it encourages me to worship God more and to come into closer fellowship with Him.

5. Grace is shown by chasing after a lost sheep.

Romans 5:8 says that “God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”
Other parables and verses in both of the Old and New Testaments describe God’s character as being a Good Father and a Good Shepherd.
In order to be like Christ we must chase after lost sheep who are running away in sometimes in shame and even in arrogance.
It might means letting someone know you love them more by giving simple acts of kindness, or it might be more complicated like writing birthday or Christmas cards to a family member or friend who wants nothing to do with you by letting them know that you love them and are still there for them.
Being the husband and daddy of a gorgeous and young wife and three beautiful and small children who all love and depend on me, all while knowing the power of grace, you can imagine that I feel a high sense of responsibility. Brothers and sisters, please pray for me to know and express grace better to my family. I love them and pray for them daily like Jonathan Edwards did for his.
The other day my daughter Bethany saw me upset after I dropped some food that I


had prepared for her on the floor and she picked it up and said, “it’s okay Daddy,” when she saw that I was immediately upset. And then she said, “I love you Daddy.” I immediately recognized the Lord Jesus speaking to me through my small child.

 The Gospel of Grace is the most important responsibility that we have in our lives as shepherds and as sheep. The most important way that I can spread it is to spread it starting through my family. I love my kids, all three of them, Bethany, Samuel, and Paul.
I also commend Averie, who has come so far in grace when I have not deserved it.
And ultimately, for the Almighty God of grace who is willing to impart such a beautiful quality to a one time lost sinner who now has the privilege of being a loving father himself and now a found, forgiven, and loved sinner.


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