A Sacred Marriage

 You hold them in a stretch, molding two into one flesh.
 In the shining sun as in full bloom, through the dark of night under full a moon.
 Twisted carefully and intertwined, so that no man can undermine.
 You hold them in the mountain, like the water of an endless fountain;
 As steady as thick stone, unmoving to all they are shown.
 Though like tulips they stand in a row, You hold them here today and maybe tomorrow.
 You hold them in the valley, may you bring them through this dark alley;
tulip And give them full assurance, that they may produce great endurance;
 So that they may hold their stance, and in victory’s height they may dance.
 That in the clay you make, like you, they be made to never break. 
 You hold them through today, giving strength while you lead their way.
 Parted from father and mother, a sacred bond, by two, and no other;
 That with their children they might give, their every ounce of love to live.
 You hold them for tomorrow, so their grandchildren will follow.
 Their glory is in their defender, and for them waits a crown of splendor. 
 To their King they give their honor, and from Him, they can never wonder.
 In history’s hall of fame, their story will glorify Thy Great Name. 

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