The Faithful Journey

There once lived a beaver named Mr. Buck.

With him were his friends, Mr. Duck and Mr. Chuck.


Mr. Buck would hunt on the ground.

Mr. Duck would hunt in the air all around.


Mr. Chuck would stack and pile wood.

And doing this was all that he could.


That year, the winds decided to change.

Soon there would be no food at that range.


One night, while in bed, Mr. Buck had a dream.

And in it, the winds of Stoney Creek moved down stream.


“Let’s go down stream,” came a call.

And there went his friends down the waterfall.


Mr. Buck awoke gasping for air.

For to lose his friends he could not bear.


The next day he warned his friends with a scream.

But they all laughed and told him, “it was just a dream.”


So Mr. Buck sat down beside a tree.

He wondered if his friends would ever see.


“You must go up stream,” came a voice.

“For against the wind must be your choice.”


Mr. Buck looked around and at the tree.

For from it had come the decree.


The Tree continued, “Against the wind, against the flow.”

“Against your nature you must go.”


“If you go with them all.”

“Down stream you’ll go and down the waterfall.”


“Go up the stream by faith.”

“And along the way, the Father, will give you grace.”


So Mr. Buck did as the Tree had commanded.

And with a step of faith, disobeyed what nature had demanded.


And against the flowing water he toiled.

Praying that his efforts would not be spoiled.


Many of his friends were riding on rafts like docks.

Sailing downward with their laughs mocks.


“Where are you going?” asked Mr. Duck.

“Against the flow I go,” said Mr. Buck.


“Against the wind’s decrees and on to eternal life.”

To that Mr. Duck replied, “To ditch your friends, to leave your family? Sounds like a lot of strife.”


“Come with me,” said Mr. Buck. “Don’t go down the waterfall.”

“Of course, I’ll come,” said Mr. Duck. “Let me fly south first, to see, and when I do I’ll call.”


So Mr. Duck flew down, down, down the stream’s great length.

But before long he would run out of strength. 


And that was the end of Mr. Duck’s flight.

For against the flow he could not fight.


And without strength he could not win.

And into deep raging waters he fell in.


“Mr. Buck! Mr. Buck!” yelled Mr. Chuck.

“This way! This way!” yelled Mr. Buck.


“This way to find eternal life!”

Mr Chuck replied, “But where should I go without my knife?”


“And I must all of my wood and food.”

“For I cannot live with a dampened mood.”


So Mr. Chuck stayed that day.

But the winds grew stronger and took him away.


Mr. Buck had begun to lose strength against the stream.

And with fright he began to scream.


Would today his life be lost?

Was this what obedience cost?


“Follow me,” said a Lamb ahead up shore.

“And I will give you rest once more.”


“Don’t follow him!” shouted a Goat down shore.

“He’s just a Lamb without a horn.”


“Defenseless and gentle is he.”

“You must be cold and cruel like me.”


But Mr. Buck followed the Lamb by faith.

For the Father’s Call, he could not break.


But still, his strength, he could not master.

And he feared this would end in disaster.


So he looked again to the Lamb.

But behold, was a Lion at hand.


The Lion got under him to carry to shore.

And Mr. Buck found rest, of that you can be sure.


“If you are Mr. Lion,” said Mr. Buck. “Then who is Mr. Goat?”

“He is actually Mr. Wolf,” said Mr. Lion “Out to kill and destroy, on that note.”


So Mr. Buck surrendered to Mr. Lion.

Whom he would now begin to rely on.


Then Mr. Lion said, “You must bring more friends.”

“For with many brothers is how the story ends.”


But Mr. Buck asked, “How shall I tell them of your mission?”

“For I fear that they shall not listen.”


But Mr. Lion replied, “I will be with you till the end of your journey.”

“For to depend on me you shall be learning.”


And with that, Mr. Lion was gone.

For soon, Mr. Buck’s friends had come along.


Surely, some still laughed and scoffed.

But some repented and turned to a heart that was soft.


And that day many followed.

But the rest, by the waterfall, they were swallowed.


Surely, the Lamb had taught Mr. Buck meekness.

For the Lion could be found in his weakness.


Tomorrow they would find life.

And our Lamb would have his wife.


Mr. Buck would find a new land.

Where Living Water would always be at hand.


But who is this Lamb-like Lion that He should free us?

Well, for us, His Name is Jesus.



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