The True Love

You sought her in the night to be Your bride.

So in the daylight she might be Your pride.

To her, Your eye, that burns with love for her, is a mystery.

For You sought her in her sin throughout history.

She betrayed You to Your foes.

But without the Cross, she would be found in her woes.

You clothed her shame in Your own robe.

Through Your righteousness, You gave her hope.

That the King who knew no sin.

Would let it’s curse rage upon Him.

It was His love for her, I know.

For at least, I’d like to think so.

For You won her love by Your grace.

And now You perfect her at Your own pace.

With You, she looks more beautiful day by day.

And with Your perfect love for her, You keep her accuser at bay.

To You she is like a graceful dove.

And the gospel’s mystery is that she has captured Your love.

If You are for her now.

Then Who can condemn her and how?

You are her God and husband.

And Your promises are her wedding band.

For on the Cross You gave her Your proposition.

And changed her heart to give You her permission.

You will never love another like her.

As though no other beauty ever were.

In Your steadfast love, You sanctify Your churches.

To her, You have shown Your Glory through everlasting purchase.

Your love for her will never run out.

Just as You and Your Word shall never pass about.

And she will persevere till the end.

For as sure as You carry her, You will not bend.

To You, her accuser seems to be no trouble.

And against Him, Your strength, You give her double.

Your love for her cannot be measured.

Your grace for her will always be treasured.

For it was by Your grace that You gave her faith’s trust.

And by Your life, to save her, You must.

Her love for You is by Your grace.

And now, in You, her life will never go to waste.

Now who can the Accuser accuse?

For he has not her, to abuse.

She is Yours an You are hers.

And now Your wedding, You will rehearse.

On earth she will not store up her money.

For in Heaven, will take place the ceremony.

For You, she waits, as though there is no time to waste.

So that You may come for her in great haste.

Tonight, she looks up and smiles at the moon.

Lord Jesus, for me, You are coming soon.


One thought on “The True Love

  1. Wow!   Beautiful poem!

    “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”  Phil. 4:13


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