6 Points On Workplace Ministry


In a culture that classifies belief in Jesus as “just another religion.” The above, assuming, of course, that self worship is somehow better than belief in God, it may become intimidating to share your faith. Especially in the workplace. As a married Christian father of three children with two jobs, I have personally seen how the workplace tends to discourage any and all “religious” conversation and promote perverted and demeaning conversation. Many may not see it that way, but that is the case in most secular workplaces today. So when Jesus`s last command to His followers was to make disciples of all nations, how do those of us who work hard for our families share Christ with those around us in a society so bent against God and so defensive of their sin?
1. Depend on God. As in all situations in life, we are depraved and desperately need God for everything we do. We must remember that He went before us. And he knows every step ahead. We must trust Him when reaching out to give us the Words by His Holy Spirit.
2. Let them know Him through you. Make sure people know that you are a believer and how you feel about your Lord. This will allow those who are hungry to come to you with questions about God, even if it`s in private. They will feel more comfortable when they see you as a light in the dark.
3. Initiate conversation. Only you know when the right time is, but be sure to make it happen. Initiate conversation about the Lord, every day life, and what He has done for you.
4. Reflect Christ. We reflect Christ by depending on Him for everything and by offering ourselves to Him daily to be of His service. We must look, act, and talk like Him if we are to make the difference that He made.
5. Stay humble. As Christians we are called to be humble as Christ was when He lived as a servant and washed the feet of His followers. We must be the same way and avoid acting puffed up, haughty, and arrogant like the world. It is the only way we will make a difference.
6. Love, love, love. Always show love by caring for people. Look past their faults and even your personal hurts with them, and care about what hurts them, makes them passionate, and makes the laugh. Care enough to look deep enough into their hearts to see who they are aside from the facades that they and the world may use to cover up their true identities.
All of these things can be hard, and unless they are fueled by Christ, they are meaningless religious duties that you will hate doing. You need the passion of your Lord for the lost who poured out His life for them. So let`s depend on Him at our jobs to use us to support our families, to love our Lord and be served by Him, and to serve those whom He has chosen for us to serve.


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