Done & Read:

The Radical Cross (A. W. Tozer) *****

The Normal Christian Life (Watchman Nee) *****

Radical (David Platt) *****

Radical Together (David Platt) ****

Crazy Love (Francis Chan) *****

Forgotten God (Francis Chan) ****

Erasing Hell (Francis Chan) ***

The Explicit Gospel (Matt Chandler) *****

Gospel (J. D. Greear) ***

Real Marriage (Mark Driscoll) *****

Radical Reformission (Mark Driscoll) ***

The Purpose Driven Life (Rick Warren) *****

Currently Reading:

Changed Into His Likeness (Watchman Nee) *****

Who Do You Think You Are? (Mark Driscoll) *****

Multiply (Francis Chan) *****

Follow Me (David Platt) *****

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart (J. D. Greear) ****

Generous Justice (Timothy Keller) *****

Yet To Read:

Walking From East To West (Ravi Zacharias)

Cries Of The Heart (Ravi Zacharias)

The Pursuit Of God (A. W. Tozer)

Spiritual Authority (Watchman Nee)

The Reason For God (Timothy Keller)

Counterfeit Gods (Timothy Keller)

Desiring God (John Piper)

 C. S. Lewis (Alister McGrath)

Mere Christianity (C. S. Lewis)

Bonhoeffer (Eric Metaxas)

Revival God’s Way (Leonard Ravenhill)


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